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What Factors Should I Consider In a Houston Plastic Surgeon?

Choosing the right Houston plastic surgeon is an important decision. After all, you only want to trust your safety and wellbeing to someone who has earned that trust.

We’ve discussed on previous occasions how meaningful this choice is. Even though the plastic surgery procedures we offer are quite safe, they’re still major surgical procedures, and they should only be performed by those with the proper training and education.

We’re confident that The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center can provide you with unparalleled service and results. We believe this because Dr. Michael Eisemann possesses the traits that are most relevant in plastic surgeon, including:

  • Experience- Dr. Eisemann has been practicing in the field of plastic surgery for decades

  • Board Certification- Dr. Eisemann is triple board-certified, which means he has completed residencies in several fields of practice and passed a rigorous series of oral and written examinations

  • Closeness- We pride ourselves on treating each of our patients as unique individuals, not numbers. Dr. Eisemann performs all of his procedures himself, and always listens to your questions and concerns.

We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you might have about our practice.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area, or if you’re an out-of-town patient willing to travel for the right plastic surgeon, please call The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today at 713-766-0071 or contact us online for a consultation. 

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