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What is a Mid-facelift?

The mid-facelift is a plastic surgery procedure that addresses the area above the chin and below the eyes. Patients who are concerned about their facial appearance, but who are not ready for a full facelift are usually the ideal candidates for the mid-facelift. In this procedure, Dr. Michael Eisemann addresses facial issues such as loss of fat in the cheeks that creates a hollow look, nasolabial folds and jowls. Usually this involves surgically lifting sagging soft tissue that has fallen from the cheek area. What is important to note is that the mid-facelift does not address the aesthetics of the eyes, forehead or brow area, which are areas reserved for a full facelift. Dr. Eisemann’s approach to a facelift (whether a full facelift or a mid-facelift) is to create subtle improvements to the patient’s facial structure. The patient will definitely have noticeable, lasting results, but Dr. Eisemann’s work does not scream out that the patient had work done.

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