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What’s a Chin Job?

An under projected chin is a genetically inherited facial feature, and generally causes patients to have a chin that looks too set-back or not prominent enough.  One of the most important components for a beautiful face is to have symmetry, and this is one reason a Houston patient may consider having chin augmentation surgery.  This cosmetic procedure is designed to balance the patient’s facial features so that she/he has a more proportional face, a stronger jaw line, and a better defined chin.  Chin augmentation may require a silastic chin implant, or another form of augmentation depending on the patient’s circumstances.  Besides cosmetic reasons, chin surgery can also be done for medical purposes because a receding chin can cause obstructive sleep apnea if left uncorrected.  For more information on this procedure, contact the professional staff at Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston, Texas.

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