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When Is a Breast Lift Needed?

The answer to this question is largely a personal one that varies from patient to patient. However, a general guideline is the location of the nipple compared to the fold beneath the breast tissue. If the nipples are above the breast fold, then a breast lift is not necessary, but when the nipples fall below the fold, then that is a good indicator that a breast lift would be beneficial. Some women naturally have pendulous breasts, which benefit from a breast lift, while other women simply lose breast tissue and fullness over time. Many patients seeking a breast lift also want to have breast augmentation to achieve their desired amount of fullness, and it makes sense to have both procedures if having breast surgery. The Cosmetic Surgery Center Houston has an extensive patient photo gallery with actual before and after results (and not computer enhanced). Dr. Michael Eisemann works with each patient individually to understand the patient’s goals, help to set realistic expectations about breast surgery, and to provide the most aesthetically pleasing results possible. If you are thinking about breast enhancement in the New Year, contact The Cosmetic Surgery Center Houston today.

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