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When Is It Time For a Facelift?

When consulted by new, prospective patients, Dr. Eisemann is often asked about the threshold age for having a facelift. The answer is of course variable by the patient and his/her circumstances and desired look. Much of the non-scientific literature (such as women’s magazines) suggests that women of the age 40 and over are prime candidates for a facelift, but that is an arbitrary “standard.” However, keep in mind that men also seek facelifts. Key points for determining when to have a facelift include listening to your plastic surgeon during consultation, focusing on what a facelift can and cannot deliver, and your personal expectations (which need to be reasonable). If saggy eyelids are bothering you, then a facelift is not going to help. In that instance, a procedure called blepharoplasty is required, which can be done in conjunction with a facelift or by itself. Alternatively, if all that bothers you is the forehead, then a facelift is probably more than you want for treatment. Facelifts today do more than merely tighten the skin on the face. To yield a more natural look for the patient, a facelift can reduce some unwanted fat in certain areas of the face and tighten muscles that contribute to slackness in certain facial features. Age is not really a good indicator because it completely discounts varying lifestyles and how well one maintains his/her skin. For instance, Dr. Eisemann may encounter a 30-year-old who spent excessive time tanning, in the natural sun without protection, smoking and/or drinking. That patient may be ready for a facelift (another restorative work) immediately. A 45-year-old patient, who cared for his/her skin, remained a non-smoker, moderated alcohol intake, and/or received facials or Botox may not need a facelift at all or for several years.

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