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Why Get Breast Reduction Surgery

Every woman has an ideal image of her perfect breasts, and while many women want more cleavage than their body’s development provided, some have the opposite problem of large, pendulous breasts.  There can be many problems created by having overly large breasts, such as physical pain and self-esteem problems.  On the physical side, the excessive weight of breast tissue may keep the patient from living life to its fullest by causing neck and back pain.  Even the regular indentations on the shoulders from bra straps can be extremely uncomfortable.  In some instances the breasts may even limit physical activity.  Self-esteem can be affected by feeling that one’s breasts are very large, being ogled strangers, and being unable to wear clothes off the rack without having extreme alternations.  The goal of breast reduction surgery is to remove the excess fat, gland tissue, and skin so that the reduced breast size is proportional to the patient’s body, to alleviate pain, and to help with self-consciousness.  Breast reduction is a very individualized procedure, and the patient should work with a trusted plastic surgeon such as Dr. Michael Eisemann of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston.  Dr. Eisemann has over 20 years experience with breast surgeries and has helped hundreds upon hundreds of women to achieve a balanced breast to body ratios.  Whether you have physical pain from large breasts, self-concept issues, or both, contact Dr. Eisemann’s office conveniently located in Houston’s Medical Center to schedule an appointment.

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