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Will I Have a Scar After a Facelift?

Many Houston-area patients (as well as those who come to us from out of town) considering facelift surgery worry about scars. This is completely understandable, and at The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center, our triple board-certified plastic surgeon uses his decades of experience to minimize scarring.

The reality is that any plastic surgery procedure will result in some kind of scar; that’s just what happens after an incision. A facelift isn’t an exception. However, the procedure is designed to place the incision in an inconspicuous location, making it exceptionally difficult for anyone, even those closest to you, to spot.

There are a few different variations on the facelift procedure, but the traditional facelift requires an incision made behind the earlobe and, sometimes, another incision along the hairline. These are naturally inconspicuous locations, and once any resulting scars heal they are very difficult to spot.

And you have a further advantage when you come to our office for a facelift: Dr. Michael Eisemann. With decades of specialized experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Eisemann has helped thousands of patients from across the country who have come to his Houston-area office. He knows how to minimize scarring.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area, or if you’re an out-of-town guest looking for the best possible facelift experience, please contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today for a consultation. 

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