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Yoga As a Cosmetic Surgical Aid

Hello Houston, greetings from Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston. We’re going to talk to you about Yoga today and how it can help your goals with cosmetic surgery both before and after your procedure.


The common conception of Yoga is that it is simply stretching. While this is the form and function that Yoga uses, it is far from the entirety of it. Truthfully yoga is focused on creating balance in your body by encouraging the growth of both strength and flexibility. The way this is achieved is by holding and moving into forms, poses, or postures. The terms are interchangeable. Each different pose contains a specific and unique benefit to the body. They can be done in rapid succession which creates heat in the body through movement. They can also be done at a very slow pace in order to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of each pose.


Now, you might be asking yourself, what does this have to with cosmetic surgery? Well first and foremost yoga is a fantastic way to recover from a surgery, such as a tummy tuck. Before you begin any post-operative exercise plan, get clearance from Dr. Eisemann’s office.  Before beginning Yoga, tell your instructor that you’ve recently had surgery.  The instructor will be abel to  modify the routine to accommodate you.  There are many yoga studios in Houston that can accommodate  you through low impact, restorative classes. 


Check back tomorrow for several more amazing benefits from yoga.

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