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Your Buttocks – The Rodney Dangerfield of Body Parts

In the world of plastic surgery it seems that the buttocks gets no respect when compared to noses, eyelids, faces, tummies, and breasts. However, the interest of plastic surgery patients in having buttock augmentation is increasing at a rapid rate. There are several techniques for buttock augmentation, such as fat transfer and actual buttock implants, but patients should be carefully screened prior to electing a surgical method due to lifestyles and possible complications. This may be especially true for patients who sit for long intervals in their occupations, because implants are not necessarily designed to support a patient’s body weight day-after-day for 9 or more hours. Buttock augmentation is a plastic surgery technique that requires a great deal of experience. Another interesting consideration for buttock augmentation is what is the “standard” for what defines a beautiful buttocks? There seems to be aesthetic criteria for noses, breasts and tummies, but not much for the buttocks. It may be that when it comes to the buttocks, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Houston’s Michael Eisemann, M.D. has performed hundreds of buttock augmentation surgeries and has hands on experience in not only performing the surgery itself, but also advising patients about what will work best for them. For more information or to schedule a consult for buttock augmentation, contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center.

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