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Is Your Chin Working For You?

People often times do not realize how important our chin’s are to the overall proportioning and balance of our face as a whole. Our chin is what our face rests upon and sets the foundation to the entire face.  At Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center of Houston Texas, we take pride in being able to perform Chin Surgery on many of our clients who need this procedural surgery. Now, some may have been born with a defect and others just feel they can no longer go with a pointy or rounded chin as it tends to throw off the look of the face on the whole.
Men especially; as well as women can certainly benefit cosmetically from this type of surgery. Men who usually wish to have a more pronounced jaw line or a stronger looking chin to chisel out the other features in the face can really benefit immensely from a chin augmentation at Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center. There is no telling how good your face can look overall  with this procedure performed by Houston’s own triple board certified Dr. Michael Eisemann, who has been in the business of keeping Houstonians beautiful for over thirty years. Contact Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today and see if chin augmentation is right for you.

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