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Your Initial Consultation At The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center

Many patients coming in for a plastic surgery consultation are a bit nervous because they do not know what to expect during the appointment, and this is especially true for patients who are seeking procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, or other body work because it involves disrobing. Whether you are coming to see Dr. Eisemann for a facelift or bodywork, the staff and patient coordinators do their best to make each and every patient feel comfortable. After welcoming the patient to our office, the patient coordinator will take vital signs, discuss medical history, and answer questions. Some questions are best deferred to Dr. Eisemann directly. For patients who must disrobe for their consultation, a pair of disposable underpants and a spa robe is provided for patient comfort. During Dr. Eisemann’s exam, it is normal to make markings on the skin and to take “before” photos. Dr. Eisemann will visit with the patient, review medical history, discuss the patient’s goals and expectations, and provide his medical opinion regarding the best way to obtain the patient’s aesthetic goals. We encourage patients to spend some time thinking about the questions they want answered before the appointment and to ask them candidly at their consultation. Plastic surgery is a big decision, and the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center wants its patients to be well informed.

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