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Your Wrinkle Risk In Texas

Texas Wrinkle RiskIn a recent study analyzing the wrinkle risk of residents in each state and ranking the states from most risk to least, Texas came in at #38, making our state one of the least risky for developing wrinkles.

Factors used for ranking wrinkle risk included:

  • Exposure to UV rays determined by elevation, latitude, and cloud cover
  • Racial and ethnic demographics
  • Extreme high and low temperatures
  • Length of commutes
  • Amount of smokers

The worst state for wrinkle risk is New York. It ranks highest because of the high stress and longest commute times of its residents. Surprisingly, some of the sunniest states have the least risk. Hawaii was #47, California was #36, and Florida was #32.

States with unhealthy eating habits and a higher incidence of smoking were among the worst states to live in for developing wrinkles. West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky all ranked in the top 10.

Modern Medicine Network provided the full list of states ranked by wrinkle risk.

Wrinkle prevention begins with healthy habits and good skin care. And thanks to modern technology, smoothing away wrinkles is easier than ever.

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